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The university of California, irvine is a famous public university in the United States.Founded in 1965, uc-irvine is part of the university of California system and is the second youngest university in the system.University of California, irvine, is equipped with Claire trevor art institute, college of biological science, Paul Meg business institute, the ministry of education, Henry samoyed engineering institute, college of humanities, Donald lee LanKeBo Aaron information and computer sciences, interdisciplinary research institute, school of law, institute of physics institute, institute of social ecology, social and health institute.In addition, there is a graduate department.Opened space project at the university of California at irvine, African American studies, anthropology, applied ecology, art, history, biology, chemistry, classical science, computer science, dance, drama, earth system science, economics, education, electronics, environmental science, film and television and media studies, sociology, linguistics, philosophy, physics, mechanics and material science, etc.

Several graduate programs at the university of California, irvine, are rated highly by U.S. news and world report,Such as literary criticism and theory, behavioral neuroscience, creative professional, health care management, organic chemistry, information system, drama and drama, the third world literature, psychology, cognitive psychology, English (neurobiology and behavior), chemical, experimental psychology, sex and literature, administration master major/developmental biology, cell biology, 19 and 20 century literature, psychology, cognitive science, sociology, aerospace engineering, computer science, physics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and biological sciences, etc.