How to buy Bath Spa University diploma?

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The School of Humanities and Cultural Industries has responsibility for undergraduate courses in English Literature and in Creative Writing (including Writing for Young People) and the MA in Creative Writing (MACW). It also teaches subjects such as history, cultural studies, the study of religions, media communications, and film studies.

The School of Music and the Performing Arts is responsible for courses in music, music technology, dance, drama, creative arts, performing arts and acting. The university is one of the ten largest providers of music degrees in the country and receives on average 10 applications for every place available on its music courses.

The School of Society, Enterprise and Environment is responsible for the teaching of biology, environmental science, food nutrition, geography, tourism management, psychology, sociology, health-care and business and management studies.

The School of Research and Graduate Affairs is responsible for postgraduate level qualifications and offers funding for PhD and MPhil level qualifications. The PhD in Creative Writing has a reputation of being one of the UK’s leading doctoral programmes in this area