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You will also need to purchase an undergraduate degree from the Royal Holloway University of London.Royal holloway college, university of London, is a British university with international reputation. In the past five or six years, its domestic ranking hovers between 27th and 30th.The school specializes in arts and humanities, and its English, writing, psychology, and music programs are among the most competitive programs in the UK.Physics, international relations, earth sciences, media arts and drama are also strong disciplines.

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Royal holloway college is mainly composed of 3 colleges (school of arts, school of science, school of history and society) and 24 departments. The courses include: school of arts: English, media art, drama, music, modern language, European studies, classical literature, etc.School of science: biology, computer science, psychology, geography, geology, etc.School of history and society: economics, management, politics and international relations, health and social care, history, etc.