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The University is divided into four faculties, covering arts and education, business and law, health, and science, engineering and built environment.Within the Faculty of Arts and Education the three schools cover education, social sciences, humanities, communication and the creative arts.The Institute of Koorie Education also falls under the Faculty of Arts and Education. The Faculty of Health has the School of Medicine, along with schools covering nursing and midwifery, exercise and nutrition sciences, psychology, and incorporates subjects such as occupational therapy, social work, and health economics into the School of Health and Social Development.The Deakin University School of Law and the Deakin Business School both fall under the Faculty of Business and Law,and the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment encompasses architecture, information technology, engineering, and life and environmental sciences. How to Buy Deakin University fake diploma, buy Deakin University fake degree, Deakin University transcript, Deakin University Bachelor certificate